COVID and Inequity

As we made clear in our Manifesto, inequity is embedded deep within our social infrastructures and institutions; so deep, that inequity is normalized and becomes part of the status quo. As schools plan to reopen this fall, it is important to remember that COVID has exposed deep inequity within our society and any plan for reopening schools would be negligent if not addressed.

FACT: African-Americans, Latinx, and other marginalized groups have been disproportionately affected by COVID.  In the state of Illinois, for example, COVID infections are highest among Latinx populations. And the COVID death rate is highest among African-Americans.

The D214 Justice Group has prepared an informational packet on COVID to highlight how this inequity may affect schools in District 214. The informational packet contains demographic data from the ISBE School Report Card and other sources. You can download the entire packet here


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